Amazon FBA Inspection

From the perspective of Amazon, letters of complaint and negative customer reviews are those factors that give your brand a bad name. The great news is that you can now mitigate all the risks associated with the tainted reputation with the help of CGSD and our FBA inspection services for EU, UK, and international sellers.

As far as you know, non-compliance with Amazon FBA requirements is likely to lead to severe consequences, including order delays and penalties. What is even worse is that it may upset the apple cart and, thus, prevent your business from growing. With CGSD, however, this is no longer the case. We specialise in preparing your products, regardless of their volume and size, and carefully inspecting each of them to make sure all FBA guidelines are met. The main aim of our services of FBA inspection for EU, UK and international merchants is to save your time and money by ensuring Amazon compliance.

  • Quality matches the specifications required by the FBA seller,
  • Look for defects in the products,
  • Ensure that the weight and dimensions of the cartons are per Amazon’s FBA requirements,
  • Ensure packaging is as per Amazon’s FBA requirement, 
  • Ensure labelling has been done as per FBA requirements.

Once the FBA inspection is completed, we send you a report with all our findings. This includes a photo report, as well as our overall analysis. Our inspection report would show photographic evidence of all aspects of your order.

CGSD’s FBA Inspection Services are perfect for Amazon FBA merchants of all kinds, large and small, Domestic and international. We save your time and money by eliminating the need to rent warehouse, storage, office, packing material, employees, office utilities and gas and other unnecessary expenses. You do not have to worry about ever handling or packing products again. The only thing you have to do is provide us with the products, labels and pack lists and we’ll do the rest, leaving you with more time to focus on growing your business and enjoying your life.

FBA inspection services

CGSD provides thorough FBA inspection for UK, EU and international clients who are carrying out their commercial activities on the Amazon platform. No matter how many products you need to get inspected and prepared, we are up for the task if they are safe-to-use and legal. Make sure to leave the following to us:

  • unpacking your shipments;
  • making sure your goods are Amazon compliant;
  • delivering reports on defective products and cartons;
  • verifying all barcodes and labels;
  • dispatching your goods from our warehouses for further fulfilment by Amazon.

We ensure that your products meet the required quality standards by you and international regulations.

We will cover the details later, but any inspection typically includes:

  • Verifying the quantity of products
  • Checking the conformity (colour, style, label, packaging as well as shipping conformity)
  • Checking the functions
  • Inspecting and evaluating the workmanship
  • Assessing the overall product quality defined in the contract.

Products that don’t comply with the specifications are rejected or returned to improve before even leaving the factory.

Let’s take an example to explain how this works in real life.

You have a product idea and have found a supplier in China.

You already told the supplier (or sourcing agent) what attributes your products should have in terms of material, size, colours etc.

The production starts. After the production is done and your products are theoretically ready to be shipped, a quality inspector of the inspection company you hired will go to the factory with a list of your requirements.

They check if the products are compliant with what you’ve ordered and the regulations of your target market.