Supplier Audit

Worker mistreatment, inadequate safety standards, hiring child labour, and excessive working hours are just some of the elements.

Professional and Expert Team

A quality audit is a program designed to assess the existing quality systems of your factory and suppliers.

An audit of your supplier and their facility will determine whether or not they can produce your products according to certain directives and requirements.

As auditing is one of the key steps in the sourcing process, it will be important to ensure that new or existing manufacturers/suppliers can deliver quality products, undertake continuous improvements and operate efficiently in compliance with social and environmental standards.

By providing a means to examine a factory’s structure, organisation, quality process and experience, the audit enables you to compare potential suppliers and select the best possible one for your production needs.

Our Core Values

Our audits are delivered according to  International Standards.  We also pride ourselves on helping customers save on costs by providing the best possible audit prices. 

Factory Audit

Factory audit is performed before you start working with a supplier.

Social Audit

Social audits that systematically assess the supplier’s treatment of their employees and their health and safety compliance.

Environmental Audit

Environmental compliance audits enable business transparency.