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One of the most widely used quality management systems created by the largest standards organization in the world, the International Organization for Standardisation.


For a manufacturer to receive this certification it must demonstrate its ability to consistently produce products that meet customer and regulatory requirements, in addition to an assurance of applying the outlined quality management system in its operations.


As a brand, you know that a manufacturer with an ISO 9001 certification will have a quality management system designed to ensure a great standard of quality.

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Designed to protect human rights in the workplace through social accountability. This certification enables manufacturers to demonstrate their compliance. Although this is not a consumer-facing label, it is an ideal standard for buyers to look for in apparel and textile manufacturing.

Organizations with an SA8000 certification are audited to encourage them to develop, maintain, and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace.

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Certifications are documents that certify the fulfillment by the applicant organization of a series of requirements that may be of a legal or regulatory nature, as well as a voluntary nature.

Certification process

  •  Confirm that the product belongs to the scope of certification and applicable standards
  • The exporter submits the existing test report
  • Pay the certification fee
  • File review by Bv
  • Test or control test (if required)
  • Inspect the goods before shipment
  • Destination inspection (if any)
  • Issue certificates.