Environmental Audit

Organisation’s within any sector (of any size) who require certification by external body of their EMS to the recognised international standard. 

Environmental quality audit assesses your supplier’s current environmental activities such as waste disposal, waste storage to air and noise pollution.

A third party quality auditor, will assess the following:

  • A review of all principal environmental impacts over which your organisation has control or influence.
  • A gap analysis of the changes required to improve your organisation’s existing environmental management procedures.

If relevant and necessary to your business needs, we also provide:

  • A Legal Compliance Register listing all regulations applicable to your organisation’s significant environmental impacts.
  • An Environmental Aspects Register listing your organisation’s environmental aspects cross-referenced with the Legal Compliance Register. The Environmental Aspects Register uses a significance rating so that your organisation can determine which environmental aspects are significant and therefore must be managed to meet the chosen standard.
  • Written procedures detailing how your organisation ensures that its Legal Compliance Register and Environmental Aspects Register are relevant and maintained, and how the assessment of the significance of the Environmental Aspects is carried out.