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Quality Control Checklist

Chemical  quality inspection of substances in leather is a specialist task due to the complex nature of the substrate and has to be carried out at a chemical testing laboratory. It will identify the compounds that are likely to be present in the materials tested and where they may have originated and the likelihood of false positive results. All chemical quality inspection should be in line with current legislation and industry standards.

 final shipment inspection 

  • The simple steps involved in making quality inspection reports
  • Design quality inspection format
  • Record quality inspection data while inspecting goods- online or off the line
  • Analyse data and make a summary of the reports.

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Inspection format

Quality Assurance and Quality Control                                      Pre-shipment inspection                                                              Post shipment inspection                                                              Site Assessment                                                                              Risk based inspection and maintenance                                        In services inspection                                                            Inspection services  


Inspection Flowchart


Inspection request

Register on our website and submit an inspection request, stating the supplier’s contact details. We negotiate the date and all the necessary details with the supplier. After that you only have to confirm the request.

Arrival at the factory

Upon arrival at the factory the inspector makes photos of the production site, meets your manager and the head of the factory (if possible). After that he examines the shipment for compliance with Amazon standards – the presence of all the necessary labels, barcodes, the dimensions, weight and quality of the cartons.



Product examination

One packed product is randomly taken from one of the boxes for close examination. You receive detailed photos and videos, showing its appearance, functionality and packaging via a messenger app.

Random check

The percentage of inspected items is determined by AQL standards and depends on the total quantity and technical complexity of the goods. Normally the inspection of 5-10% is enough to draw a conclusion about the overall quality of the goods.

Summing up

After the inspection is complete, we provide you with the overall results and negotiate all the details concerning the correction of defects with the supplier (if necessary).

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