Pre Shipment Inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspections allow you to mitigate risk.

Pre-shipment inspections include both Quantity and Quality site inspections. Quantity ones ensure that outgoing/incoming goods’ quantities effectively correspond to those ones indicated in the transport documents, while the Quality inspections ensure that the goods have not suffer any visual defects during the carriage and meet the requirements set forth in the related documents.

Quality Verification

The inspectors focus on verifying the number of products is accurate and conforms to the total number of units ordered. This step also includes verifying whether the units in each shipping carton is correct based on the client’s requirement.

Conformity Verification

Pre-shipment inspections also seeks to verify the conformity of the manufactured to specifications like size, colour, and weight. But these specifications are not rigid. Packaging and labelling of boxes are also important.

Inspection Report

The inspectors compile several pre-shipment inspection procedure certificates and reports during and after completion of product inspection. Pre-shipment inspection certificates and reports convey the balanced and unbiased findings of the inspectors.