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Our comprehensive compliance services across these segments enable us to view our customers’ operation in its entirety.

apparel and textile

CGSD can add even more value to your quality control processes. Based on our textile and garment expertise, we set up and execute a customized inspection procedure, monitor the results, and help you implement the necessary corrective actions to reach your quality objectives and lead-time.

Some textiles and garments tests require a controlled environment to certify their compliance with the applicable standards and regulations. CGSD inspectors select products from the factory and send them to an accredited laboratory to have these tests performed.


CGSD technical engineers work closely with your team to design a specific bag or accessory inspection checklist. CGSD inspectors verify the quality of mass production based on your Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL), , perform product function and safety tests, and assess compliance with your product’s specifications and authorized samples. Your products’ workmanship is carefully examined, and defects are classified into subcategories to highlight the key improvement areas for production.

CGSD goes above and beyond the average quality inspection service by combining our advanced quality management technology and substantial experience in inspection of bags. We personalize your compliance program, monitor results, and apply corrective actions necessary to support your objectives and achieve lead-time.

toy and children's products

With unmatched industry expertise, CGSD’s global team of experts can develop comprehensive quality assurance programs to help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and brand specifications. Thanks to CGSD’s active involvement in the development of international toy safety standards, we can directly help you meet your compliance requirements for toy safety.

No matter where in the world you source or sell, our network of accredited laboratories and field services can help mitigate supply chain risk and launch products that delight both children and parents.

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